Which Is The Ugliest Car In The World?

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1. Chevrolet SSR

File:Chevrolet SSR in Moscow 1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

If anyone changed into curious approximately the call for a two-seat convertible select-up truck in 2003 – they weren’t left thinking for lengthy. The Chevrolet SSR best ran for 4 years, and also you don’t have to have a look at it for long to realize why.

Large fenders that enlarge outside of the rest of the body are just one of the SSR’s peculiar-looking features. It’s a shame because the kind of unfashionable-styled truck drove plenty higher than it looked. A at ease indoors sat on top of a 300hp V8 engine that made the pick-out-up more than a bit nippy.

Irrespective of its practicality, it’s far more difficult to get used to the curved front of the SSR, making it appear to be a person glued the front of a Volkswagen beetle to a truck.

2. Fiat Multipla

File:FIAT Multipla (2nd generation,first-harlf type) front.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

With rows of three seats, Fiat’s Multipla is cleverly packaged and a truly accurate MPV. Seems-wise although? Now not so exceptional.

As if that inset, spherical headlamps were not already enough, Fiat introduced a huge fat bulge at the lowest of the A-pillars, running across the width of the bonnet.

3. Nissan Cube

New and Used Nissan Cube: Prices, Photos, Reviews, Specs - The Car Connection

Nissan usually desired its angular cube crossover to face out, but it ended up getting appears for all the wrong reasons.

The Los Angeles Times is known it an “air-hating container of unsightly … A travesty, a mockery, a baleful parody of vehicle aerodynamics.” Nissan even admitted that the layout become built on the idea of a “bulldog in sunglasses” — however, all people wonders: “which end is carrying the sunglasses?”

 4. Nissan S-Cargo

File:Nissan S Cargo (1990).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

At the start, we assumed that Nissan designed the S-cargo to make the popemobile more reachable to electricians. Dig a touch deeper and you’ll discover its fair more strange tale that this hideous automobile owes its layout to.

It so takes place that Nissan wanted to provide a small shipment van, and creatively got here up with the call, S-shipment. Reported just like the French word escargot, which means snail in English – Nissan determined to apply this quirky play on words and Voila. The sector’s first (and to our know-how, simplest) intentional snail-looking vehicle.

If you were wondering, the engine does shape the layout. Generating a meagre 75hp, the s-shipment simply is going at a snail’s tempo.

5. Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek gains traction with millennials from 'Breaking Bad' role | Automotive News

Ah sure, Walter White’s trusty crossover turned into usually going to make this list. The breaking awful producers were spot-on after they picked the Aztek; absolutely the tragicness of this vehicle summed up his person brilliantly. Before he has become a worldwide drug supplier, this is.

Widespread vehicles had high hopes for their prized monstrosity, however unfortunately for them, the Pontiac wasn’t quite as famous as they had been waiting for. In truth, they didn’t even manipulate to sell half of what they desired to. Disgrace.

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